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TOP 3 Free Online Applications for listening to music on Android and iOS - iPhone

The songs stored in the memory phone / smartphoneacquis are a good solution, but they get bored and always have to delete and add another new music phone. The best solution remains Music CloudURLs on-lineWhere we have access to a huge number of songs sorted by genres, Artists and even playlistCEs ready-made for all tastes.

Below we 3 listened to music online applications, Which are top users preferences.

1. Deezer

Music Unlimited, customized 100%! You listen to unlimited music anywhere and anytime. You can create your own playlists and listen to music anywhere, if you have a data package Mobile Internet.
This service is provided by Orange and it is 100% free. Orange subscribers Some users have even Unlimited Internet traffic for Deezer application.


Notice for Deezer application requires free registration you create an account, but you can do this and if you choose to login by Facebook account or Google +.

Deezer is compatible and can be installed on the iPhone, iPod Touch, Smartphones Android, Windows Phone 8 si BlackBerry.

2. Zong

Application / service Zonga online music Free offers a true music player cu over 25 of millions of songs, You can listen on the net directly, or you can do download to your phone or tablet, Listen to them offline when you do not have an internet connection at hand. Zong find a wide range of artists and genres for all tastes.
The service is free and provides support for listening to music both on the computer and on the phone or tablet. Just like with Deezer, you have the option to create a free account or sign in with your Facebook or Google +.

Zonga-logo cover-800

Zonga is available computer, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mobile operating system Android si Windows Phone 8.

3. SoundCloud

Compared with Zonga and Deezer, SoundCloud is a world-wide service both by renowned artists and by simple users trying to do some music. It's a real community of "sound" :) Screen Shot at 2015 07-15-7.43.44 PM
SoundCloud is a platform on which you will find with siguramta new music and your loved music of any kind you are.
SoundCloud app is only available for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. Instead, you can listen Free music and you can upload la own musical creations directly from your computer.


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