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How do you make WhatsApp consume less battery on iPhone

The biggest battery consumers on iPhone or on other smartphones, there are undoubtedly social media and chat applications. If you want the battery iPhone to keep you longer during a day and consume less storage space, in this tutorial you will see how to make WhatsApp consume less battery on iPhone.

The sending and receiving of text messages, voice messages or voice or video calls will not be affected.

Unlike Telegram and other messaging applications, WhatsApp does not have a power saving mode, and the application runsprowater permanently proceases in the background. There would be nothing wrong with receiving an updated content when we open an application, only that in the case of WhatsApp it is not necessary. When you receive messages, they are delivered through the push notification system.

Two methods in which you see how to make WhatsApp consume less battery on iPhone

Disabling Background App Refresh for WhatsApp and disabling auto downloadmate of media content and documents. The latter will save both battery and storage space.

Disable Background App Refresh for the WhatsApp application

1. You open Settings pe iPhone and go to General ? Background App Refresh.

2. In the list of applications from Background App Refresh commutator “Off” for the WhatsApp application.

Disables the automatic download of photos, videos and documents on WhatsApp

When you receive pictures, videos, audio or documents on the WhatsApp application, they are automatically downloaded in the application so that they can be viewed. I'm not talking about downloading them to the storage space, but only in the application.

This means that when a message with media content is received, the application will automatically download it so that the user can view it. It means that procesorul iPhone it is put to work, as is the battery.

To make the WhatsApp application consume less battery on iPhone, it is best not to allow the automatic download of media content and documents.

1. Open the WhatsApp application and go to Settings la Storage and Data.

2. In Storage and Data, go to Media Auto Download and disable automatic download for: Photos, Audio, Video, Documents.

WhatsApp to consume less battery
How do you make WhatsApp consume less battery on iPhone

After making these settings, a video received in a conversation will be able to run only after dvs. click on it to download.

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