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How can we open a website in the Desktop version (normal view) with Safari on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

In general, web designers si developers de websiteplants, creates for them, besides the normal desktop version and a light version for mobile devices. Tablets, mobile phones, smartphones, iPhone si iPad. Mobile version of website It requires a simple interface with faster access to content and removing javascript scripts and other dynamic elements design that can make web pages more visible on small screens and mobile internet connections.

When accessing a website with Safari pe iPhone or iPadWill automatically inrcarca mobile version of the site. The clearest example is when access This is how it looks when accessed normally from Safari on iPhone with iOS 6 9.


To automatically open mobile version of the website To see the index page (home page) in the desktop version of the iPhone, keep your finger pressed with approximately 2 seconds on the "refresh" from the Safari URL to appear in the bottom option "Request Desktop Site"


After pressing "Request Desktop Site"Web page will do a refresh, then it will be visible in the desktop version.


It's good to know that this does not work on all mobile web pages. There are web developers who have created web pages so that they can not access the desktop version of their mobile, but only the mobile device version. Mobile phones and tablets. For these situations, Opera Browser for iOS and AndroidIt has a setting that will allow it.

If we go back to the mobile version of a website that I set "desktop view", go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > website Data. We identify the website for which we set the desktop mode, then slide right to left to clear the cache.


Reopen Web page in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, and it will be loaded again in the mobile version. Do not delete this cache if the web page is open in Safari desja. Close all Safari app, then go on to delete website.


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