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Datally App by Google - Reduces Mobile Internet data consumption on Android

Datally is one of the latest “made by Google", For all smartphones and tablets with Android 5.0 or newer.
Essentially, Datally is an application able to analyze real-time data usage on mobile, helping the user to optimize their mobile data consumption. This is done by blocking applications that download data (make data traffic) into background or undue traffic that is not in the user's interest.

The application is very useful for those who have mobile internet subscriptions with traffic 3G/4G limited.

Cu Datally, the user may impose data consumption restrictions on some applications, set notifications to reach a consumed traffic limit, or choose to be notified by the application when a Wi-Fi network is available.properishes. The Wi-Fi identification function is called "Wi-Fi Finder", and an interesting feature is that a detected wireless network can be evaluated by users who have been connected to it. So the new user will know if it is a network with a stable internet connection. Reviews on a Wi-Fi network in the mall or airport will also be available through the application, and these will be done based on the account Google / Gmail.

The app is available for download and installation in Google Play for all smartphone users Android 5.0 or newer.


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