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How out / eliminate scratches on the phone - iPhone, Samsung, LG ...

If you follow the "investments" in smartphoneCEs and mobile phones expensive, certainly would not mind any scratch which may arise directly on the screen. The easiest is to prevent this unfortunate event covering displayCPC with foil. Chapter screen protector market now offers a wide variety of films protection for screens from simple thin film to film tempered glass with different degrees of hardness. Even if protection of many handsets native generation is pretty good (Gorilla Glass 4), Our recommendation is to apply a protective film quality since the acquisition and the phone will look flawless for a long period of use.

In the unfortunate event that displayCPC phone to 'met' pockets with keys to the apartment or car and appeared out of nowhere a couple scratches on displayWe will present some tricks to make the scratches less noticeable or even disappear.

scratched screen

One of the methods recommended for fine scratches is to use an ink erasers (is take more abrasive), making circular motions on evens imperfections screen and eliminate channels created by scratching.


Another method of eliminating scratches on display It is applying toothpaste and rubbing with a cloth microfibre until you eliminate the imperfections on the screen.

These are just a few tips to mask any longer imperfections on the screen and is not responsible for any damage created by your own phone. The best protection is a madness and or cover dedicated quality.


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