How to keep your phone / iPhone clean and free of scratches over time

Every time you expect a launch of a new iPhone modelThe first question and curiosity that comes to mind is: "How to look?". Before what hardware It is under the cover or what he can do the new iOS, design the first thing that interests us. The more close to our tastes, the more likely they are out of pocket money to buy it. And prices for a new iPhone are not to be neglected.
As we had used Apple in recent years, all iPhone models are defined by a fine design, elegant, But also fragility to shocks.
No few people after They have dropped an iPhone in hand from small height, he had suffered broken screen, Scratch, deformed shellEtc. damages. Repair costs or replacement of some components are also the price of the purchase and the brand. However, the iPhone's status will never be considered impeccable, and if after a while we want to sell it, the price on it will drop considerably.
To prevent degradation during the iPhoneacquis, to bad Scratch housing or displayEven if it is out of hand, we must keep in mind a few simple things and make some smart acquisitions.

Some tips on how to maintain our iPhone clean and free of scratches

If all give some money elegance and design an iPhoneIt is good that it has stay stylish after out of the box and use a long period of time.

And cleaning Proweaving the iPhone screen

Being the most sensitive to an iPhone, we should give him the most attention. First of all, it keep clean and to protect a high quality sheet glass.
You may have noticed that if folotiti foil or glass protection, Apart from scratches occurred over time glossy glass, remain more visible fingerprints than when he was new. This is because of the time difference a Protective Treatment you have the glass of an iPhone. It is a chemical treatment which prevents the formation of fingerprints when the display is touched. This chemical treatment is present both in the active screen on the front window and front camera (camera selfie). Over time, due to incorrect cleaning of the screen, this treatment disappears and aprentele remain more pronounced.
Our advice is to make a careful cleaning of the screen. Do not use shirt or jeans to remove impurities from the window display or cameraand Do not use powerful chemicals. You can use a micro-fiber cloth no fluff, sprayed on alcohol or vinegar. It is good and solution for the lenses removed. Substances without alcohol protecting chemical treatments. These you find the optical centers.
It is important to never spray the substance directly on the screen. Can perceive the drops through the holes in the iPhone and can damage the device.
If not necessarily hold to keep your iPhone or without glass protection film, I recommend a very resistant glass, with a pleasant appearance and that lasts well over time.
Protection glass: 3D Cellara.

This window turn a Black 7 iPhone a Jet Black iPhone 7. Although it is a very thick glass, it has a flawless gloss and perfectly covers the entire front of the iPhone. Plus, I'm telling you from the experience that it is very easy to apply. In the 3D glass pane you will receive an envelope containing an alcohol eliminating fat and impurities on the screen, a micro-fiber cloth quality very good (use it to remove the impurities left after alcohol removal) and an adhesive sticker. It is used to "hang" impurities stuck on the sticky side of the jam.
You can buy this window 3D on eMag.ro or directly from stores Arsis - Vodafone, with a price between 70 - 80 lei, for iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S. Of course, find this glass for other phone / iPhone models.
And we "tested" unwillingly qualities, when a iPhone 6S was escaped from a self-stick, directly on the cubic stone, face down. 3D Cellara's glass was "dusty," but the iPhone had no slightest scratch.

It is more profitable to change protective glass 80 lei only display a few hundred lei. :-)
So we do not recommend cheap windows protection. If you pay a minimum 3.000 7 lei iPhone again, I think is a protective glass damage up 80 lei.
Another plus of this glass is a valuable good as last time even if it is on an iPhone held in a bag with keys and other items that might scratch.
Cellar glass 3D be bought depending on your phone model and color

Proweaving the back and edges of an iPhone

Covers and protective caps give practical design of a mobile phone, whatever it may be, but most times, tastes do not quite fit with safety features.
"Cover" covers have a protection role both for scratches and for the prevention of destruction due to physical shocks.
Before you choose a cover iPhone, besides design it is very appropriate to and pay attention to the materials they are confectinate si how well the back and edges of the phone covers. A bag should have edges such that when the iPhone is placed on a flat surface face down, screen remains untouched. Same for the back of the phone. Camera window should not be touched if iPhone is left on the table face up.
If these elements are met, the next thing you have to watch is the material of the bag is made. A hard plastic can break the impact floors and iPhone will have a strong impact and most probably damage. I've seen iPhones whose margins were scratched even covers which would have had to Proj. Bags made from a plastic too hard and a architecture badly made.
A thin plastic or silicone not only to protect against scratches from bag or pocket. to physical shock stronger, The protection offered by this type of covers, it is null.
Silicone covers from Apple would be most recommended if you have a decent budget. It performs well in shocks, and the iPhone will get rid of it even if you drop it on sandstone, cement or other hard surfaces. However, it is good to know that silicone does not absorb the shock. The thick silicone pouch will behave like a basketball ball in the hand. That is, after the first impact with the ground, the 2-3 will continue to get smaller and if after the first impact the phone turns face down, the screen is quite likely to suffer.
Our recommendation for both design and protection are leather cases produced by Apple. Even if their price is between 200 and 290 leiThey fits well on the iPhone, have a Stylish and seamlessly absorb shocks.
Personally, I used the leather covers Apple, on iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. I can say that they withstood very well over time, and the iPhone escaped without the slightest damage following the shocks / escapes from the hand or the table.

If you have other suggestions of protection for the iPhone or other mobile phones and smartphones, will invite the comments section dedicated :)


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