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How can lock / unlock calls and messages to a phone number on the iPhone

We know that there are applications using a database phone numbers stressfulAnd once installed and powered on iPhoneIt will reject calls coming from banks, Retriever credits, institutions and companies Statistics and etc. polls, but in today's article we will show how can you block a phone number on your iPhone. a phone number to which you wish to be call.

The blocking of a phone number is very simple and does not require installing any applications. All you need to do is to have an iPhone handy and follow these steps:

1. Identify caller in the call list or the "Contacts" and open the contact. Contact details section, which will show the telephone number, e-mail and other contact information attached.

In our example we took some John Popescu. :)

If we Handful call list, press the "i" to open the contact.

2. I run to the bottom of to detailsAnd the last option available is exactly what we are interested.

Caller ID Block iPhone

Caller ID Block iPhone

Once Click "Block this Caller"We ask if you really want to block this contact.

We are informed that once blocked, this contact will not be able to call us, send ustext messages or calls FaceTime.

3. Click "Block Contact"And this time constraint became active.

Note that this blocking issue is not level mobile phone operator. Blocking / restriction va remains activeonly on your iPhone

After seeing how we can block a phone number that we can not call and send messages on iPhone, we can see now how to unlock a phone number on the iPhone.

How can unblock a contact / phone number on the iPhone. Unblock iPhone Contacts

The simplest method is to open and contact details blocked, you are running to the bottom of the list of details and press "Unblock this Caller"

If you do not have phone number in the phone book (Contacts) or have multiple blocked phone numbers that you want to remove the "blacklist"Follow these steps:

1. Go to "Settings" and run to "Phone" (menu in English)

Phone Menu iPhone

2, in "Phone" option open "Call Blocking and Identification"

In "Call Blocking and Identification"Finding blocked contacts list, where with a simple swipe (slide) from right to left, we can remove the restrictions.

From here you can add contacts "block list" using "Block Contact ...".

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