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How can we call and be called when we are out of range (Wi-Fi Calling)

There are many areas where the mobile operator's signal is very weak or non-existent. Until some years ago, the big problem with the signal was out of the localities, but over time, the operators were looking to expand their networks more and so we are talking about a very large coverage at national level. However, there are currently areas where the signal is missing even in big cities. Especially in houses and blocks cu the concrete wall very thick. Reinforced concrete walls si abundant vegetation (trees) are barriers to mobile telephony.
It happens to us quite often, as in one apartament to meet areas where the signal is very weak and the quality of a phone call decreases. There are cases in which the conversation is interrupted, after a while we hear distorted conversation partner. This usually happens in areas where we have one or two "lines" on the signal indicator on the phone screen.

A solution very efficient way to get rid of the problem weak or non-existent signalThis wireless call. Appointed Wi-Fi Calling or Wi-Fi call, this service allows call and receive calls on your phone number, using o connection to a wireless network. At the router in your home or office.
More specifically, through the Wi-Fi Calling service, phone calls will not be made entirely through the mobile operator, but will be made over the internet. Whether you have internet from UPC, RDS, Telekom or any other provider, you can use this service Wi-Fi call if you have it activated. The call, though it will use your phone number and the corresponding tariff plan cu subscription or card PrePay, will be initiated by Internet IP.

Why do we need to make calls over a Wi-Fi network?

  • First, the Wi-Fi Calling service must be activated by the operator.
    Until now, in Romania, Orange is the only mobile phone operator that offers this service to all subscriptions. The service is free for you with access to the 4G service.
  • o Wi-Fi connection with internet access, to which we are we connect the phone (RDS, UPC, Telekom ... It does not matter.)
  • a compatible phone which it can be enabled Wi-Fi Calling service.
    This service is available on most smartphones Samsung, LG, Huawei and on iPhone models, newer than iPhone 5.
  • subscription or the PrePay card which it is enabled mobile data by 4G.
  • a SIM card 4G - I do not know if there are any older models on the market.

After meeting all the above conditions, we need to activate the Wi-Fi Calling service on your mobile phone or iPhone.
For iPhone users, activation is very simple. We go to "Settings"? "Cellular"? "Wi-Fi Calling".

"Enable"After I realized that the connection will be made using Orange Romania accountby with the internet operator. The latter may have access to the identity of our device on the internet. There is no panic. The same data will be sent to the internet operator as if connecting to a laptop or internet PC.

After the successful activation of the service, on the left-hand side, dedicated to the operator's name is mobile telephony. instead of "orange" it will appear "Orange Wi-Fi". It is a sign that phone calls, both received and made, will be made via the internet.

Both Wi-Fi Call and Wi-Fi calling are free of charge. Using the Wi-Fi Call you will be charged according to your mobile phone subscription. If you have included minutes, they will be consumed from them, and if you do not, you will be charged for the standard tariff of your subscription.
You must know that this service is not valid also in roaming. If you are outside the country, you will not be able to use Wi-Fi Calling.
It is not advisable to keep the service activated in an area where you have a good signal on the phone. If you are during an incoming or outgoing call via Wi-Fi and parity the router's coverage, the call will be automatically redirected to Call 4G (similar to Wi-Fi calling, only 4G data will be used) without interruption. If you do not have 4G coverage, the call will be interrupted, since switching from Wi-Fi Calling to Calling through the Classical Telephony Network is impossible. You will have to resume the call using classic mobile network.

It is an ideal solution for a mountain cottage where there is internet but where mobile phone operators do not have a signal. As long as you are in the coverage of your internet router and you have Wi-Fi Calling enabled, you can use your mobile phone for voice calls.


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