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What to do if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note7 and do not want to explode

Samsung acknowledged that he had made a mistake and began withdrawing units from the market with proproblems of the model Galaxy Note7. Users are quite reluctant to buy this model now, especially because they do not know the difference between the models affected by proproblems and those considered to be safe. The company announces that there are several methods to check the phone. The new variants of Galaxy Note7 which now arrive in stores were launched on September 21st. These will come in a normal box, not very different from the one already on the market, but will be marked with a black square on the external label. This highlights the fact that they are part of a new batch, tested and aprostick for marketing that does not use old batteries with prooverheating problems.


If you purchase a Note7 and throw away the box, Samsung also put a signal in the software of the new terminals. It is about coloring the battery indicator in green, both in the top status bar and on the main screen or on the off screen of the device. In the initial versions, this indicator was white or gray, according to the rules Google the devices Android. This maneuver may conflict with standards Google, but it is possible that this com solutionpromis to be accepted by prooperating system leader.

If you already have one Galaxy smartphone Note7 bought before these changes, Samsung suggest that you return it to an authorized service or to the store where you bought it to receive a model from the new lot. Prothe substitution gram in Romania started on September 19 and is available from partners Samsung. Those who have already taken a Note7 I change it free or can instead choose to receive a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and the difference between these and Notes7.

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