The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not have a fingerprint sensor

Samsung she was going to come this year with her revolutionary technology which allows you to recognize the touchscreen simply by touching the display without the need for a fingerprint sensor on the back of your phone.
This technology would have to be implemented in the future Galaxy Note 9 what will be launched this year. We would also like to introduce it Galaxy S9, but the South Korean company encountered technical difficulties in its location fingerprint sensor below the screen.
Prepared for launch in the third quarter of this year, it seems that this technology will still have to wait until it can be implemented. It exists, but there are many technical problems. First of all, this feature will be canceled because the Qualcomm solutions do not meet the technical requirements of the Samsung. There is currently no possibility to place a fingerprint sensor on the screen that meets the requirements of Samsung. OLED screens may provide this biometric feature, but it may become inactive in some environments, involving high power consumption and scanning difficulties when a protective film is installed on the display.

However, the solution may come to the end of 2019 when these technical difficulties are removed. Until then, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus were launched with sensors on the back, and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will follow the same course.

Not too long Apple had this idea for the iPhone X, but gave up trying to place a fingerprint sensor through the Touch ID in favor of Face ID. A revolutionary technology developed by Apple and implemented through the TrueDepth system on iPhone X. Dan Riccio, head of the tenology department of Apple has considered that in the near future Touch ID will be completely abandoned, and the new biometric facial scanning feature will take its place.


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