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What must you do to work Viber on Vodafone Romania ...

As I wrote some time ago, It is a dedicated service smartphonefixes may iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android which allows us to free calling and sending messages, anywhere in the world. both messaging as well as voice, Viber uses packet data (Wi-Fi or mobile internet 3G). Specifically, that we can call a friend on Viber, two conditions must be met. To have Viber installed on Android or iPhone and be connected to the Internet.

If we are not in an area with Wi-Fi access, we can use the data packets of the mobile operators, and it should normally go smoothly. I refer here to those who have prepay cards or internet subscriptions (3G) included.
Pe Orange si CosmoteAll well and good, but the Vodafone there is a problem. neither Viber nor Skype They can not be used in network Vodafone RomaniaEven if we have a data package included in the subscription. I have a subscription to Vodafone 500 MB Internet traffic included, but I noticed that if acoperare leaving the area of ​​a Wi-Fi networks, although they are connected by 3G, Viber becomes impractical.

Viber Currently unavailable or service is being blocked. Please try again later.

Viber - Vodafone Romania

I called the * 222 (Vodafone Customer) And I got an unexpected answer. After I explained the problem and I think that access to Viber si Skype is restricted, the operator replied that there is no restriction, just as are "filtered"some ports. In simplest terms, filtering a port in order to prevent access to an application, it means fixed restriction. In fact later confirmed even by the operator who told me that Viber for access will have to pay Euro 3.5 in addition, over voice and Internet subscription. I asked surprised if those 3.5 euros longer receive something extra. Not only access applications that use video and voice calls, even if those applications did not necessarily VoIP technology operator.

In conclusion, Viber can be used with decent prices and without extra options aberrant only Orange and Cosmote (Subscription or prepaid). Vodafone had blocked access to internet applications that allow free voice and video calls.

Download Viber for Android and iPhone.

Viber Currently unavailable or service is being blocked. Please try again later .... By Vodafone Romania.



  1. Hi,

    This is the official representative of Viber Media year.

    The block is writing about you is known to us - Vodafone Romania has been blocking Viber on 3G Their network for Almost a year now. There is unfortunately not much we can do to help :(

    We wonder - in the end, what did you do in order to solve this problem?

    the Viber Team.

  2. WAS the kind of ironic title: Their since restriction is poorly justified (and mostly absurd), our solution is to change the mobile network.

  3. I do the same problem with Vodafone Romania, Which THEY do not Give a logical explination. THEY only ask for more money. I made an internet subscription so that I Could use Also THESE Which applications now i see that i can't use. Thus i will drop it. All the best !!!

  4. You Need to tunnel your connection through VPN with SSL to use VoIP somewhere where are You Can (home PC, server, Some routers, VPN services rent or Even).

    Then You Need to add the connection

    Settings> More ...> VPN> +


    Or you-can use the app like Hotspot Shield VPN

    Kudos to the team for Viber monitoring the forums and trying to help out.
    One suggestion for the Viber app Would Be to somehow integrated VPN solution like this in the app and integrating the debugging screen to help end the omnipresent "Can You Hear Me? That is it your internet sucks or is it me? ". You know, speed, pakets, ping, etc. Something similar to what Skype has.

    Speaking about Skype, the calls seem to be clearer, crisper than on Viber in the exact Conditions, not facing problems like poor sound quality, echoing, microphony Problems When on speaker, frequent dropped calls, un-muting a call and HAVING the thing being un-muted.

    One more feature That Would BE nice to add simple and shouldnt BE ENOUGH is the "Hit enter to send" That is present on KiK.

    Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

  5. @calugarar -

    Thank you for your compliments - it is our pleasure to be here and assist our users :)

    Both Suggested Those features you have known user requests, and we Them Might include in future updates.

    Meanwhile, we invite you to enter our Feature Request page and post your suggestion there, or join an existing similar suggestion. The more people join on the request, the faster it Will become reality :)

    You-can find it here:

  6. I use viber for a year and something. I use it most often wirelessly. And it goes flawlessly. Same on the net on the card. I had no problem. So vodafone ... dust ... As someone said above. Change network :))

  7. Just to mention that I have the same issue but only with Iphone. With Blackberry nice and everything works fine.

    btw: Viber is available for Blackberry Also. I do not do what I Will, I Will most probably switch to other messaging solution ... With Whatsapp Even more tragic is as you have to pay for the app (at Least for iphone). If I am paying and is not working than this really shitty Will Be ...

  8. I have Iphone year with a Vodafone sim card inside and EN Currently I am in Austria.
    When I have WiFi coverage nice and Viber is working fine. When I have only coverage 3G the messages that I send Are Not Delivered. Incoming messages has Sometimes working.

    Same sim card WAS working fine with Viber When bu in the Blackberry phone.

  9. What I forgot to mention:
    - Roaming network is under Austrian A1
    - All other online services is working on 3g: mail (Exchange & Yahoo), Yahoo Messenger, etc.

  10. Hi Vlad,

    Some Mobile Operators across the world on Their 3G block Viber network. Usually this Happens When users have a "simple" data plan (or a prepaid contract), meaning THEY did not pay extra for VoIP on Using Their 3G network.

    In order to verify this, we recommend to contact your cell company and confirm this with Them.

  11. I have been using Viber on VodafoneRo for 2 months now and it worked… .and now it stopped working sudenly… i have deleted and reinstalled it but when i insert my phone nr i dont receive any message… it says that the connection is lost or it have been blocked… ..why is this happening aftet it worek flawless for 2 months both on wi-fi and 3g ?????

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