Bugs on the new Samsung S7 S7 and Edge were corrected with an update released on April 18

Though it came on the market just a few months, the new Samsung Galaxy S7 unveils first problems de software. As is frequently used increasingly aggressive and took the market to its competitors and eclipse Samsung collides with the obstacle that short time you design and execution for Whereupon a new product on the market. Thus the new flagship sites Samsung on the market, S7 Galaxy and Galaxy s7 Edge first received bad grades and problems with users claiming capacitive lower left button, a button that shows the applications that are running at that time, this button being turned off and tangling the user engaged in an application. This disturbing incident for a premium phone was promptly assumed by the designers at Samsung and in no time they have launched a firmware update which seems to have solved this minor incident but important for the company's image and have corrected the problem.


This seems to be one of the main problems of most phones running Google Android, Creation of UpdateCEs more efficient and spread their devices, regardless of the models and regions, which are similar to those in AppleBecause they are models receiving updates 1 year after its launch, and not as instant receives a phone iPhone.

We hope that with this little incident Samsung learn to respect more paying customers rather than to acquire the best models on the market and have expectations to match. The new update is available on 18 April and will be downloaded gradually by region and operator, by all users.


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