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Apps no longer open on Android? (Resolution / March 2021)

An error has affected applications on millions of Android phones

Millions of smartphone users Android they welcomed these days proproblems with opening and running multiple applications. From social applications like Facebook, Instagram to mail applications (Gmail), navigation applications (Waze), all have been affected on Android. Most affected phones are SamsungBut prothe problems were also reported on Huawei (Android), LG, Motorola, Xiaomi.

The "symptoms" are simple. Applications that opened without problemishes and could be rolled, now they don't open. Even if the device is restarted. It is known that many proThose Android problems are solved after a trivial restart. Unfortunately not in this situation.

What is certain is that the responsibility for this collapse of Android applications is the component "Android System WebView ”. After a recent update, this component has blocked users from accessing several applications.
System WebView is the pre-installed component on all Android phones, through which developers can display web pages in their applications.

Google recently announced that it came with an update that fixes the bug from the previous version, but many users complained that the update Android system WebView remains blocked.

The solution in this scenario is as simple as possible. Go to the application manager and uninstall Android System WebView. After this component is uninstalled, everything will return to normal, and applications such as Waze, Gmail, Facebook, Instragram and others, will open and run without prostated problems.

It was initially thought to be a security vulnerability discovered in late 2020 on Qualcomm chipsets. Vulnerability and allowed the corruption of the memory following an incorrect validation of the entries on the graphic component of the Qualcomm chip.



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