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WhatsApp Desktop application with Video & Voice Call for Windows and Mac

WhatsApp introduces video and voice apps on the Desktop

In a message posted yesterday on the official blog, WhatsApp announces introducing video and voice calls on desktop applications for Windows and Mac.
It is known that so far, WhatsApp Desktop applications (and we are talking here only about the official ones) supportprowater all the features of the mobile versions, less making video and voice calls from your PC.

We can't talk about it yet WhatsApp as a potential rival for ZOOM si Skype, because video and audio calls from the Desktop are not possible in groups. At least for now. For private conversations, however, the device used is no longer an obstacle in initiating a video or voice call. You can initiate or receive a video or voice call if you are connected to the WhatsApp desktop application for Windows or MacOS (Sword).

Last New Year, WhatsApp recorded a record number of over 1.4 billion voice and video calls in one day. All this was possible only between mobile devices. Smartphone with Android or iPhone (iOS). Of course, the pandemic that came with travel restrictions also contributed to this record, making it impossible for many to have a physical presence with family and friends.

WhatsApp gives assurances that all voice and video calls are encrypted "one-to-one", making it impossible to listen to third parties or entities. This is true for both desktop and mobile calls.

Currently, WhatsApp is the largest text, voice and video communications network / service in the world. However, with the transition to "homework" and "online school", Skype and Zoom have gained ground due to the multiple possibilities of interacting with several people simultaneously.

The video and voice calls in WhatsApp for Windows and macOS will be available only with the latest version of the application.


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