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Android vs Symbian

Android versus Symbian! A topic of interest that has sparked much controversy! There are many differences between the two operating systemsBut a detailed analysis can help us discover which of the two is in favor of. If we follow its release date, AndroidCPC is an OS much younger than Symbian. However, we must mention that this is not equivalent to the fact that it is also more efficient.

Moving from Symbian la Android It was significant. First, to take into account function upgrade to Android devices. if you own a smartphone with Symbian OSThen you should know that it can not be updated. What does this thing mean? If a person wants to do an update from S60v3 to S60v5, it can not be done, instead, a device Android an upgrade can be done from the 1.6 2.1.

In terms of design, indeed, AndroidCPC is more effective than Symbian OS. Android devices have an attractive and alluring scrolling options, while Symbian offers a menu of folders appearance, and video interface of the phone book. So from this point of view, Android is the winner.

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Battery life is another aspect that we should take into consideration. Symbian was designed for low power consumption, its devices consume so much harder than battery Android counterpart. We must mention that this energy is increased in Android's case because although the device can be inactive applications remain open background. Along with this, we add the automatic connection Internet data.

On the other hand, let us talk about privacy and private data! Here the winner is Symbian requires no personal data, such as Email account to use Nokia OVI storeAs happens in Android community. However, Symbian losing battle in terms of processors. With a frequency of up to 1 GHz, Android phones have a much higher resolution performance.

Applications available to users Android They are more "cool" and varied than Symbian applicationsAs derived directly from Google.comVia button PLAY. Symbian applications are provided by the OVI store. The wide variety of applications lured millions of people and are superior in many ways. So it is quite obvious that there are many aspects that make the difference between the two operating systems, Android si SymbianBeing required strict evaluation before purchasing a phone.


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