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Jolla and Sailfish OS phone

The Jolla smartphone has been announced for some time, but prothe project was revealed so early that the team did not proalways available to show the world. After a few months later, we finally have the chance to really see this phone.

What is La Jolla?

It's a smartphone. This is the simplest answer.

Its creators will each phone so that fits the personality of each user.
But what makes this phone special? In any case its specification and any design and build quality that is unique but all other parts of this smartphone. Sailfish UI, a system that has to do with the navigation buttons. I mentioned that running applications Android?

Sailfish UI Meego is an operating system that accentuates the beauty and gestures above all else. In fact, many would say that beauty is in the gestures. One of the first things you will notice about this phone is that it does not have the Back, Home and Menu.



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