Low sound volume for the Samsung Galaxy Appeal and Notifications

Many owners Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and other Samsung Galaxy models, they complain that after a while ringing volume, Ringtone, and Notification sound decreases close to minimumWithout user intervention whatsoever.

Problema generally appeared after UpdateCPC OS Android. It seems that Android Lollipop 5.0.1 It is a bug (error) which is manifested by sacderea close to minimum volume after a while of usage.

How do we not fall for the sound and volume of water and notifications on Samsung Galaxy

Prothe curse is solved quite simply. Samsung smartphones have an option in which the phone should be in the pocket or not. Depending on what the sensor that responds to this option "tells", the phone will ring louder or slower. It seems that the software error in Lolipop tells the phone that it is always in the hands of the owner, and so volume for notifications si Ringing It is automatically set to a minimum. To prevent decrease the sound volume is better to disable this option.

Go in "Settings"> Uncheck the box next to"Increase volume in pocket"


With unchecking this option, set the ringer volume will remain at the level set by you, without them longer automatically change when the phone is in your pocket, purse, or desk in hand.


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