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Manage your Tasks in Windows Mobile

New generations phones are used in many purposes. Receive and conducting of APLER voice video calls, SMS-hate, email-hate, IMAnd files (by Bluetooth si wireless), Gaming and other entertainment applications. All mobile phones are those who play the role of music player, video recorder & player, Navigation System (GPS), Organizer, camera / Camcorder. Array of applications that can be installed and run simultaneously on a mobile phone (smartphone) you turn it into a mini pocket PC. Pocket PC.
Just like a desktop or laptop operating system Windows 7 or Windows XP, and on a pocket PC it is good to have installed programs of installed application management. In the case of PCs there is a task manager and the Windows Services tool from where we can manage proceases and applications running on the operating system. For mobile phones running Windows MobileThis can make an application that allows administration / management tasks.
ArkSwitch is one and the most recommended app site management tasks on mobile phones Windows Mobile operating system. This application provides a complete management of applications and will help to optimize the operating system of the phone.


The ArkSwitch application was prospecially designed for WM6.5.3, but it can also be used on smartphones with WM 6.5. one proThe problem with the application in WM 6.5 is the absence of the application launch button at the top of Home ScreenSite. Who will install this application you will need to press freedom in the top left of the screen to let the application.

"This application was designed specifically for WM6.5.3. Although it has been reported to work on WM6.5, I cannot recommend its use on that OS. You could enable WM6.5 compatibility mode, but it just wouldn't be the same without top bar integration. "


ArkSwitch is a complex solution task management mobile phone. For more details and download visit:


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