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Dropbox closing services / applications Mailbox and Carousel - Applications that can take place

Some years ago "admire" amazement as Yahoo! launches services like a few months or 2-3 years to close them. Poor development and poor marketing. They sent harsh emails expressing their sincere regrets and giving solutions for migrating to other similar service providers or even to some of their services including closed ones. Does anybody now remember about Yahoo! GeoCities, Yahoo! 360 ° or Yahoo! Meme? Few are nowadays using existing Yahoo! services. Trust in their development ideas of both Yahoo! Mail as well as Yahoo! Messenger have fallen a lot in front Google (gmail), microsoft (Outlook Mail) and Facebook (online community and messenger).

Last days I received two emails from Dropbox, where I was informed that two services are about to be closed. Carousel and Mailbox. Purchased services / Dropbox launched in 2013 and 2014, targeting mobile users Android si iOS.


Carousel It proved to be a very good Photo manager and an option synchronization si Sorting photos made with mobile phone. Separate application Dropbox account but used directly for the service. Personally, after I installed Carousel iOS Dropbox app I quit. Upload and sync very good photographs taken with iPhone, Photo albums easily created and managed a "timeline" very fast and easy that I could find photos in chronological order.
Dropbox says about the service and the It will be closed on March 31 2016 and that some functions of the application Carousel will be implemented in Dropbox mobile application on the tab "Photos". With the mention (in settings) as This feature will not be present on iOS. So who wants to continue using Dropbox as a mobile photo sizer and manager, sell their iPhone and buy a Android.
For iPhone and iPad users, similar to the Carousel application are Pictures a AppleThat the iCloud Photo Library Activities will save all photos and fimuletele in iCloud website Apple and application Google PicturesWhich is a good substitute Carousel, with similar functions. OneDrive Microsoft is a solution to consider. Like Carousel, Photos and Google Photos, OneDrive offers synchronization solutions to photo and video files captured with the iPhone or iPad, offering solutions for sorting and labeling albums (Tags) Files.

Regarding the closure of the service and Mailbox application withdrawal pe February 26 2016Here it is a little more complicated to find a solution to migration. There are providers that offer similar services, but since this is an application used mostly for business si collaborative office, require some more attention in making a decision. Dropbox offers somewhat of its own communication and servicing solution dropbox Paper (which is currently in development and who wants to test it needs an invitation), but who can trust that after a while there will be withdrawn this service?
As a replacement solution for the Mailbox application, in our opinion it is Outlook Mail. An application developed by Microsoft well enough lately and offers all the features of Mailbox.

It remains to be seen what Dropbox will do and what "surprises" we are preparing for in 2016. I personally migrated to OneDrive and iCloud. :-)

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