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Apple Watch: a clock Apple which replaces the car keys and keeps you healthy

In an interview with the UK Telegraph, Tim CookSuccessor of the great Steve JobsSaid that if, until recently, a watch Apple was limited as technical specifications, there came when the clock can perform functions that we have not thought of. The interview took place in London in the tournament that makes Tim Cook. You know how it is with the new clock Apple? Just as happened with phones. People buy phones for fast navigation, but along the way they found very interesting features, making mobile devices indispensable accessories.

The new watch is designed to replace car keys and key rings, said Tim Cook. Apple Watch successfully introduced on the car market, which represents a major development for the American company.


Business Insider mentioned that Apple already has a patent an iPhone enabling auto unlocking. Being a SmartWatch, of course, it incorporates a system that takes care of our health, remembering when we should move and what exercises to do. More surprisingly, the clock will operate a special reward system: users will get credits if they do a lot of movement. They will also be encouraged to improve their metabolism if they consistently fulfill their physical exercise goals.

Also, Cook said the clock will allow filtering of messages. Urgent messages will have full priority and this will feel a vibration on your wrist, vibration notification date. Take into account, for example, a message from the family. It is much easier and more accessible a message received on the clock, during a meeting, but a received message iPhone.

Also, CEO Apple said the battery life is only one day, although he promised a quick charge. The launch will take place this month. The clock has become a much-anticipated accessory for operating system lovers Apple.


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