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How to authenticate a WhatsApp account on multiple phones

In this tutorial you will learn step by step, in a very simple presentation, how to authenticate a WhatsApp account on several phones. Thus, with a single phone number, you can have WhatsApp installed on two or more phones Android si iPhone.

This feature can be used the same phone number for WhatsApp on two or more phones, was the biggest wish of the users.

In a 2023 update, Meta (the company he owns Whatsapp), activated this feature to make the WhatsApp application available on two or more phones, using the same account.

How to authenticate a WhatsApp account on multiple phones

In order to use WhatsApp on several phones, one of them needs to be the phone number on which you first register in the application. The other phones, whatever they are Android or iPhone, will be in the "companion". This means that you will have access to all the features of the application, in the same way you use it WhatsApp Desktop for Windows or macOS.

We take the scenario in which you already have WhatsApp installed on one iPhone and you want to install the application on a phone Android, with the same phone number you have on iPhone.

1. Download the WahtsApp application on your phone Android who will be the companion.

2. Open the WhatsApp application on iPhone (primary phone), then go to More Options > Linked devices > Link a device.

3. Open the application on Android (companion) and scan the code QR on iPhone.

phone Android will connect to WhatsApp, using the same phone number you have on iPhone, but this will be "companion".

You will not be able to use the service on companion phones Live Location, and these will deauthenticate automatically, if you do not use WhatsApp on your primary phone for 14 days. iPhone, in our example.

You can authenticate several devices, if you want to use WhatsApp on several phones.

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