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WatchOS 3.0 offers new useful features on Apple Watch

event WWDC 2016, Apple introduced new versions of its operating systems. WATCH He received the biggest upgrade of all the advantages of being lighter version 3.0 visible than in iOS or new MacOS. Essential improvement is the application loading speed, which can now be even seven times higher than in previous versions.

WATCH only now matures. The 1.0 version has been available on the market for several months, being quickly replaced by 2.0. Watch 3.0 focuses on performance and ease of use, borrowing a few items from iOS. The most commonly used applications remain in the RAM of the clock and are not closed when navigating through other menus on Apple Watch. At the same time, they can now receive new information when they are in the background, and their active use for refreshment is not necessary. But by far the most important addition is the launch of applications, without loading screens and dead times in use.Watch-3

The interface has also received some modifications. First, there is a menu that serves as a control center, dedicated space for fast access to side-by-side applications, the ability to change the dial layout with a simple slide gesture and instant responses for text messages. Apple Watch It became with Watch 3 a viable tool for monitoring user activity, especially for those with health problems. People with disabilities will be able to use the clock in "wheelchair" mode, using dedicated profiles. Apply? Take Breathe can help people who do breathing exercises or who want to meditate.

Watch 3

Apple Pay is now available in applications, and commands can be made directly from the clock. Those who wear the watch will be able to unlock their computer with MacOS without using a password if you are near your computer.


These optimizations suggest that we will have to deal with higher battery consumption, especially when talking about new multitasking features. Watch 3 will be available in beta this summer and will be released in autumn for all users. His official appearance may also mark the debut of a Apple Watch 2That provide much greater autonomy, a new design and more powerful hardware access.


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