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6 iPhone will be waterproof?

About iPhone 6 many circulating rumors for months they targeting both design device possible November Feature Links available on this and possible Release dates to the second potential (back) models: one of 4.7 inches and one of 5.5 inches. And despite the leak sites existing online about iPhone 6, Apple far managed to keep secret official information about it, so all we know right now about the device are classified as speculation.

The latest rumor about the next available iOS device al Apple It is to be waterproof. And, as in the cases of other leak sites, there are images to "confirm" the rumor.


The device of images shows Waterproof its seems to follow exactly the other specifications that occurred about iPhone 6 (inclusive rounded screen si gilt button ring on the front of the device). In any case, this feature is quite realistic, and if the rumor is true, iPhone 6 will join two other two waterproof devices already on the market: Samsung Galaxy S5 si Sony Xperia Z2.


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