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IPhone users will be able to hide Online status on WhatsApp

Soon WhatsApp for iPhone will receive a major update that will allow us to hide the Online status for everyone. Both for WhatsApp users in the contact list and for those whose phone numbers we do not have in the address book.

This privacy feature has long been requested by WhatsApp users. So far, the Privacy settings allow us to hide information such as: Last Seen (which in chat shows when we were last active in the application), ProPhoto file, About si Status.

WhatsApp Privacy
WhatsApp Privacy

In current version a WhatsApp for iPhone we can't hide Online status. Even if we have "Last Seen" set for "Nobody". When we have the application open, any user who opens the conversation can see that we are "Online".

How can we hide Online status on WhatsApp for everyone?

With us privacy feature, when we have the WhatsApp application open we can hide the online status for everyone. This news will be available soon for all iPhone (iOS) users.

The current "Last Seen" option in Privacy will be called: "Last Seen & Online".

How to hide Online status on WhatsApp
How to hide Online status on WhatsApp

And this option through which we can hide Online status on WhatsApp works on the cold principleprocitations. If we set it to see no one when we are online, we will not be able to see the status of other users online.

In addition to this privacy feature, new ones are expected to appear soon. The possibility to edit / correct the messages sent in a conversation and a longer period of time in which to delete a sent message, are options expected in future WhatsApp updates.

Apple has already introduced this feature through which users can delete or edit an iMessage sent from iPhone, iPad or Mac. The feature will be available in the final version of iOS 16.


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