Latest rumors about the design of Moto X

We are close to the release of Moto X, And with August 1 we learn the whole story of this smartphone Android, Which has been the subject of rumors months. However before launch, we still have some new rumors arriving about phone hardware.

moto-x-exploded These data come from an account Google+ his Taylor Wimberly, He also previously leaked information about the customization options of the phone, and the rooms RGBC clear pixel finally I saw that Motorola adopt this room for its new models Droid (And will almost certainly be in a Moto XAs well).

moto-x-w1 First, he reports that Moto X will double LTE MIMO "Smart Antennas"For performance 4G higher. So, the phone should have these two antennas LTEBeing a combo antenna 2G / 3G, One for GPS Compass and one for WiFi si Bluetooth. Regarding the internal construction of the phone, he mentions a laminated aluminum structure to optimize hardware power to weight ratio.

moto-x-w2 He also commented a little phone screen and says that we see what's called Motorola "Moto Magic Glass", Which is a screen comprised of Gorilla Glass, Which perfectly combines facade phone because using a special polymer. It's a bit difficult to follow to its description and pictures do not reveal more to help, but not much until next week and then the mystery will be revealed.


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