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Phone Turing, most durable smartphone, made of liquid metal

Christened Turing Phone si protaken by a company called Robotic Turing Industries (TRI), the mobile device proput as an alternative to Blackphone and other secure platforms for mobile communications offer both proprotection of information transmitted in digital form, as well as prophysical section, date of housing aproindestructible water. Turing Phone It provides capabilities for direct verification of the identity of other devices Turing, using decentralized authentication technology. According to the company proThe method used allows the creation of a completely secure network, immune to cyber attacks and interception attempts, allowing users to transfer sensitive information such as bank data in complete safety.

Compared to other encryption systems, communication channel established between devices Turing Phone is secured using a unique key encryption or public key, the phone preinstalled at the factory. Besides digital security, Turing Phone offers yes prophysical protection for the data stored in the internal memory, the phone components being housed in a case made of a metal alloy composed of zirconium, copper, aluminum, nickel and silver. named Liquidmetal, it is praised as being stronger than steel and even titanium, giving the phone promaximum protection from scratches and bumps. According to TRI, the case is made of a single piece of metal, with minimal losses of material and a success rate of aprowater 100%.

Aimed at business customers, Turing Phone will be available starting this summer at a price yet remained undefined.


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