What to do to prevent yellowing of transparent phone cases

Transparent covers are the most popular, especially when you have a smartphone with a nice design that you want to stand out even when it's prosteeped Unfortunately, most clear covers degrade over time and begin to take on a yellowish appearance. In this article you will learn what to do to prevent the transparent covers from turning yellow. Or at least keep them in good condition for as long as possible.

Why do clear phone cases turn yellow?

Matethe rials from which the transparent covers are made are actually yellow in color. BY A prochemical treatment process and the addition of shades of blue, prothe makers manage to offer a white – transparent color prothe final shower.

Prolonged exposure to UV radiation (sun)

Through prolonged exposure to the sun, UV radiation changes the structure of this treatment, so that matethe rials from which the cover is made tend to return to their original color. That is, to the yellowish one.

Sebum and sweat of the hands

Not only UV radiation contributes to their yellowing over time. Sebum and sweat from the hands is another important factor that causes transparent phone cases to turn yellow.

Matethe rials they are made of

Most covers are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This material starts a process of oxidation, in contact with oxygen in the air. So, if you somehow manage to keep your phone out of the sun, contact with the air is a bit more complicated.

However, things are not so bad. DECLINE procarried by the sun is much faster than prothe natural oxidation rate of TPU. So, if you want to have a transparent case for as long as possible, without it getting shades of yellow, avoid exposing your phone to the sun as much as possible. Also, regularly clean your phone case of sweat. Cleaning will be done with special substances, without alcohol or other corrosive or oxidizing substances.

What to do to prevent yellowing of transparent phone cases
What to do to prevent yellowing of transparent phone cases

Another and more effective solution for ca that the transparent covers do not turn yellow for the phone, is to search made of polycarbonate. As they are Apple Clear Case original, for iPhone.

Compared to thermoplastic polyurethane, polycarbonate retains its profriendships for a longer period.

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