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Touch Disease, a manufacturing defect of iPhones and iPhone 6 6 Plus

phenomenon "touch Disease"Publicized shortly after million mobile iPhone 6 si 6 iPhone Plus came out of the warranty period has passed under silence Apple for as long as affected devices could be repaired free of charge in authorized service centers.

Manifested by the appearance of a white stripe at the top of the display and the failure to override the commands applied to the touch surface, the defect can be attenuated initially by pressing or torsionally gently on the housing, returning the mobile terminal to its normal operating state. The hardware issue is coming back shortly, making the mobile phone unusable.

Affecting the series in particular 6 iPhone Plus, the "Touch Disease" defect appears over time, with a higher probability of occurrence only after the mobile phone has gone out of the warranty period. The guilt seems to be a cumulation of factors, starting with a large casing that flexes if it is pressed too hard and the inadequate protection of the electronic board is not as flexible and susceptible to damage by successive deformations.

Source microprocessor issues is responsible for managing the touch functions, which may come off the board. Use and series iPhone Earlier, the chip was protected by housing much smaller and stiffer respective phones, by using an additional treatment for stiffening, comprising applying a metal cover the entire length of the electronic board and an additional adhesive to prevent accidental detachment.

Both ways were dropped out on the series iPhone 6Instead appearing only a metal lid with duct tape shielding role. As a result, forcing repeated phone's casing in normal use lead in time to the occurrence of micro-cracks in the contact area between the chip responsible for managing the touch functions and board.

Unfortunately, the only remedy is replacing the defective component in a service center. Quite complex, the intervention may be expensive if the mobile phone is not in the warranty period.

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