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The iPad needed prothe price or game Teen Dystopian FictionAnd now he got because the game Republic. Surveillance of the game from Camoflaj could be just first episode, but it is recommended, this is one of the best games on a touchscreen device. Did you ever want to sneak through the cameras of distopiene military school and help a young woman to be free? If yes, then this is your game. It is a great game for those who like innovative games.

Device 6

This game is like Angry Birds, That game is like jetpack JoyrideAnd these games are a combination of the two. Sometimes you feel like you have nothing under your fingers. Then you play a game like Device 6 and you will remember how cool can be a game on a touchscreen device.
Device 6 is one of the strangest, most mysterious, and elegant games ever made for touchscreen devices and involves a lot reading. You will find a sinister adventure game included with some of the most famous pop songs. It is suitable for readers mystery novelsFor Lost fans.

The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is a game suitable for adventure game fans or novels by Robert KirkmanPeter those who like Walking Dead seriesBut would like the characters to be interesting and enjoyable. It's like a comic book, but animated, where you have to make the hardest decisions.
No episode is predictable, so you will never be able to guess what's next. We have action, tragedy, betrayal, more tragedy, hope, denial, humor, paranoia, solving proproblems, introspection, character development.

Infinity Blade III

inf bl

The hero of the series Infinity Blade never dies. Every time you fall, he revives and increase its powers until it is an unstoppable force. The same can be said about this series.
The first game Infinity Blade has been presented as a graphic demonstration hypogeum Epic Unreal Engine 3 on iPhone and iPod. There were some pretty good ideas, but without too much personality proworks.
Infinity Blade II was the game that started the series alive. Voices of the characters, weapons and a powerful story of the author Brandon Sanderson novel supported (Infinity Blade: Awakening), so it felt more like a real game than a center of attraction.



Look at the letters in the image above. You can prowedding word drawing a line between lines? If so, congratulations, because you will be good at SpellTower.
SpellTower is a bunch of letters that will go away once you make words out of them. It is a iOS game which continues to insert new rows of letters from the bottom, asking you to promarry the words before one of the lines reaches the top.



SpaceChem is a game based in part on false science. Each mission requires jucaorului SpaceChem to turn atoms into molecules. Atoms and molecules are accurate. The game includes even Periodic Table as a reference.
Let's say the game will provoaca sa protake water, H2O. You will draw and program a line so that it catches a hydrogen atom, place it to the left of three adjacent circles, and then do the same, but put the second hydrogen atom in the circle on the right. Before the hydrogen atom is put into action, you will also draw program another line to bring oxygen between the hydrogen atoms, activate the circles to turn into H2O and place it in another area outside.





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