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Top Weather Apps For Android (9 The best weather apps for Android)

All we care about Weather. It has the ability to determine how we spend the day. We dress according to the weather and even cancel events that are held outside because of it. So it is important to always have the most updated version of the time available whenever we need. With this in mind, we take a look at the best applications of Weather Android.

1. 1Weather


The first place of the best weather applications for Android Local Weather is forecast, known as the 1Weather. This app is wonderful. Contains all you need. Has Radar, Weather hour, weather-related fun stuff every time you open the application and a general wonderment that is surrounded.
The interface is very nice and widgets Keep inferior. These include a clock widget, a fashion circle showing temperature and several widget options. You can pay to remove the ads, but also is free to use them. You have nothing to moan about this application.

2. GO Weather


Number 2 is a name many of you know him, most likely. Of course, talking about GO Weather, from the same people who brought you all GO apps. This is a solid application that offers at least the essentials to learn all you need to know about the weather.
GO Weather excels in its themes. You get widget themes and applications to make the "time" to look exactly as you want. Premium version brings extra widgets and other extra features, but the free works really well. It is one of the best applications if you need to "customize" the time.

3. Yahoo! Weather


The top is 3 Yahoo! Weather. It's been a long time since Yahoo has been in the top 3 in any field, but their application is even decent weather. It was recently updated and now advertises new and smooth interface. It's better than it was before? Yes, it is.
Improvements are too numerous to be listed here, so we'll name just a few. Features were added such as daily weather forecast, maps, wind and pressure, precipitation, moon and sun. There is a big difference from what it was before, but still it is much better.

4. ilMeteo Weather


Number 4 on our list is called ilMeteo Weather. For those who are interested to learn about international forecast, this app is perfect for doing so. You can search and save locations worldwide. The only downside is that it has so many features and widgets and other applications.
A fun feature is the ability to report time directly from the app. So if incorrect or needs updating, you can do personally.

5. WeatherBug Elite


In the Android world, WeatherBug Elite is presented as a relic. It was the best of the day of Android 1.5 and 1.6 and still not to be outdone. The impressive is that it shows now the best weather applications. It has all the standard features, such as the weather forecast in any time or week and cameras.
WeatherBug Elite widgets are really nice and are definitely the strong point of application. The background and text on each widget you can customize so that it fits any theme. It was always a good app for Android and is likely to remain so for long.

6. Weather Pro


The 6 number is a capable application called WeatherPro. It is a functional application with a nice interface and most of the features you might want. This includes daily weather forecast, radar and more. Widgets are not bad either. In any case, there are some services of the application for which you must pay a Premium to use them. It is an application for which you have to pay twice, to have additional features. He could have been in the top 3 if he didn't have to pay twice for it.

7. AccuWeather


Next app is a familiar. AccuWeather is very popular and is one of the most highly reliable. Comes with standard features such as radar, weather at the time, weekly, and more. You can also pay to remove advertisements. Widgets are not very different. If you prefer, you can choose the style desk clock, but also there is also a dark or bright widget that you can add him.

8. Radar Now


8 place on our list is an excellent weather app called Radar Now. If you do not want those applications to their potential extravagant features, the most suitable for you is Radar Now. Contains a simple interface, that shows radar and weather in your area after application.
It is indeed a minimal application, just a radar waiting to open. To see how the weather is, click the "cloud" from the top. There is even a widget. So if you want something small that will not take up much space, this is the best choice.

9. Weather Channel


Last on our list is the Weather Channel, which is a venerable authority of the weather forecast, at least on TV. Unfortunately, the Weather Channel used to be one of the best applications, but recent updates have not proven to be as good.
They show us how is the weather and radar, but that's all you get. It is also a great app with a few solid options of widgets.


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