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TOP Monitoring Applications Running For iPhone (Best run tracking apps for iPhone: RunKeeper, Map My Run, Runtastic, and more!)

Running applications monitoring for iPhone can help to keep register of all kilometers traveled, to reach your goals and more. Whether you are preparing to run your first marathon 5K or third, there is the chance that an app running in App Store to suit your needs. The best part is that none of them require extra accessories like "fitness tracker"- They simply use GPS Compassacquis on your iPhone. You will decide which application best suits you!




RunKeeper will help you to monitor not only jogging but pretty much any type of workout that you can think of, from walking to biking and more. You can monitor personal records and to set a goal of yours, even if weight loss is the goal, a goal of distance or anything. So you can see the goals from the past, to set future goals and see that you have achieved and what is not.
If the main goal is to achieve your goal, then RunKeeper is the best choice. The app is free.

Map My Run +

Map My Run + monitors even more types of activities than RunKeeper, including privacy. This provides more stats including calories burned, distance, pace and more. You can also connect with services like My Fitness Pal to create synchronization nutrition and exercise. You can set that when your friends make their set of exercises, receive notification in case you need a push.
If you want to choose from several types of activity and compete with friends, then you need the Map My Run +. It can be purchased at the price of $ 2.99.



Endomondo lets you create your own routes and you can keep for yourself or share them with the Endomondo community. You can also connect with My Fitness Pal if you want to share data, which is similar to Map My Run. There is a section that gives Endomondo fitness tests to test your fitness level, this is an interesting feature for novice runners.
If you want to compete in tournaments with other people in your country and want to see who will be the fitness of various quizzes, make sure that you Endomondo. This app is free.



Runtastic can monitor running, jogging and walking. Graphics and information in this application are the most easy to read. Runtastic allow the purchase of motivational stories to listen to while you run. They are updated regularly, so you always have new stories to choose from.
If you want to run an application that is more human and less competitive, check Runtastic, which is free.

Strava Run


Strava Run is one of the only applications running that uses motion co-processor in the iPhone 5s to monitor more accurate data. You can connect all sensors to measure speed, cadence, heart rate and more. Strava Run is one of the only jogging monitoring applications that support Bluetooth LE sensors. When it comes to monitor running, just press the start button and go.
You can explore the segments around you and fill them as you can join the many challenges offered by Strava community. If you have an iPhone 5s, then you can buy this app for free.

Nike + Running


Nike + Running Nike uses NikeFuel system and lets you compete against friends, jogging to monitor and complete training sessions. You can choose what type of runner you are and the right training sessions at your current Nike. Since Nike + Running Nike uses your ID, if you use any product like Nike + FuelBand SE and application FuelBand, your points syncs with your account.
If you are already connected to the Nike + or want a free monitoring of train running and then choose Nike + Running.


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