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Top 6 apps for developing creativity on tablets Android

6 applications for the development of creativity on tablets with Android that will help you express your ideas in an innovative way. Whether you're a graphic design enthusiast or just want to expand your creative horizons, these apps are a great resource to put your ideas into practice. Of course, these applications are very useful for developing the creativity of children, who as we all know, spend a lot of time on the tablet or mobile phone.

Your tablet Android becomes a reliable ally when it comes to editing family photos. Its generous screen reveals every detail to you in an engaging way. Imagine being able to capture those moments when your son closes his eyes or easily adjust things like vibration and brightness.

At a time when new tablets such as Pixel Tablet and the recently announced series Samsung Tab S9, make a sensation on the market, Android works with developers to optimize creative apps for large screens. Regardless of whether you want to give family photos really impressive or you want to try your hand at video editing, drawing, painting or sketching, tablets Android they become the perfect allies for expressing your creativity.

In today's article, we're going to highlight six apps that you can test on your tablet Android to amplify your potential in profuture creative projects: LumaFusion, Concepts, Google Photos, Sketchbook, Adobe Lightroom, Canva.

6 applications for the development of creativity on tablets with Android

1. LumaFusion

LumaFusion, one of the most popular video editing apps, is now available on tablets with Android. The company brought in a team of developers Android experiment to ensure that the LumaFusion version for Android it has high quality. LumaFusion offers a comprehensive video editing experience on tablets with Android, with features like editing up to six video tracks, an improved magnetic timeline, and the ability to cut, copy, and paste between proiect.


Download LumaFusion - Android Tablet

2. Concepts

Concepts is an application that definitely takes a leading place in the top 6 apps for developing creativity on tablets Android

Concepts is an application of vector based sketch, resizes to fit any screen size Android and works great with a stylus. The team from Concepts wanted to ensure that their users' experiences with the stylus were as natural as using a pen on paper. The company used the tools and platforms Android to help get as little gap as possible between the tip of the stylus and the lines drawn on the canvas Concepts.


Download Concepts – Android Tablet

“The tools and the platform Android they make it easier to deal with the variety of screen sizes and input methods.” say David Brittain, CEO of TopHatch, the developer Concepts. “The mature set of APIs Android facilitate this.”

3. Google Photos

Google Photos it's a great way to store and edit photos, and thanks to its multi-column design on tablets, you can see more of your photos at once on the bigger screen. If you're editing a photo, you'll notice a new side panel with smart suggestions and easy-to-use tools, making it simple prothe editing process. And if you use Google Photos in split screen mode together with a second app like Gmail that supports drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily move photos to your screen and leave them in the other app.

Google Photos - Top 6 apps for developing creativity on tablets Android
Google Photos

Download Google Photos – Android Tablet

4. Sketchbook

Sketchbook is an application dedicated to those who are passionate about sketching, painting and drawing. Sketchbook has developed an intuitive interface for tablet users that won't interfere with where you're drawing. The app resizes to fit any screen size and comes with a full range of customizable brushes. If you use a stylus with your tablet Android, you can now place the stylus over the canvas to see a preview of how your brush strokes will look before you draw them. This can help you create more precise and accurate drawings.

sketch book
sketch book

Download Sketchbook – Android Tablet

It is definitely one of those apps for developing creativity on tablets with Android.

5. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a popular photo and video editor that uses all of your tablet's extra screen space to make precise edits to your photos. The app has a vertical navigation bar for all editing tools, and if you press and hold on the tablet's touchscreen, you can see what the image looks like before and after edits. Also Adobe Lightroom allows you to edit the files RAW, which is ideal for users who prefer to capture photos RAW with their devices Android.

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom

Download Adobe Lightroom – Android Tablet

6. Canva

If we present the last one in the top 6 applications for the development of creativity on tablets with Android, it doesn't mean that the Canva app can't take a top spot.

Canva, a graphic design app for editing your photos and videos, has added drag-and-drop functionality so users can quickly add content to their designs. You can move and drop content from files you upload or from apps like Google Photos and Chrome, if you use it Canva in split screen mode. Also, Canva updated the look of its layouts to have a vertical navigation bar on larger screens, giving you more room to work.


Download Canva – Android Tablet

In conclusion, these are the top 6 apps for developing creativity on tablets Android. From photo and video editing to sketching, painting, and graphic design, each app gives you the tools you need to express your creativity in a unique way. And not only for you, but also for the little ones, these apps can be a fun and educational way to develop children's imagination and artistic skills. Thus, the tablets with Android become versatile platforms for exploring and nurturing creativity among all ages and passions.

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