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The Threads app for users in Europe

Threads, the new microblogging social network app launched by the company Meta, managed to amass over 150 million users in just a week and a half. This is because the app Threads is closely related to Instagram, but it should be noted that hundreds of millions of users in the European Union do not have access to the application Threads. Installation and use Threads for users in Europe is limited by the company Meta.

Immediately after the app's launch was announced, a lot of users rushed to install it Threads, only it could not be found in the app stores Apple App Store or Google Play.

The Threads app for users in Europe

After several days of slight confusion, Meta made the official announcement confirming that the app Threads it is not available to users in many countries of the European Union, and moreover, the company makes constant efforts to limit their access to the application.

The Threads app for users in Europe
App Not Available

“Threads is currently unavailable in most European countries and we have taken further measures to prevent people from those countries accessing threads. Europe continues to be a very important market for Meta and we hope to be able to bring Threads to more countries in the future” - Meta.

Why can't you install and/or use the Threads app in Europe?

Company Meta does not want to conflict with European legislation which is quite restrictive in terms of privacy, copyright and privacy policies prodata protection. Apparently, Instagram Threads it has something proproblems with at least one of these aspects that are not tolerated in the countries of the European Union.

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Application Usage Restriction Threads it is also extended to users of other countries traveling to Europe. So if you live in a country where the app is not restricted and you travel to Europe, you will have limited access to the app Threads. You'll be able to read the latest user posts, but you won't be able to write new posts, check notifications, or manage proPRIULI prothread Threads.

Currently the company Meta did not give an exact date from which the application Threads will be available in Europe, but he wanted to specify that Europe is an important market for the company and it is making every effort as the app Threads to be available as soon as possible in the countries of the European Union.

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