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Symbian is officially 3

After a few days, today announced Symbian Symbian 3. This new platform phones from business class comes with a series of updates on the functionality si architecture.

* Better UI
* HDMI support - See movies at 1080p (view mobile movies on TV)
* Multi-touch gesture support (understands certain moves made on the touch screen (HTC has implemented this via Windows Mobile)
* Intuitive homescreen - More widgets. Twitter, facebook, Weather Forecasts all at the flick of a finger.
* Better support for H / W acceleration - S ^ 3 harnesses Provide the hardware to the maximum visual enhancements and feature rich environment.
* Writeable Data Paging Mutitask more-Will allow more applications to run in parallel for a faster, more complete and efficient multi-tasking experience, Especially on mid-range hardware.
* Faster Networking to Provide a rich browsing experience.
* Music store integration - This Feature Will Be Embedded Within the radio and Will help to identify the song and it's lyrics and download album art.


The best news is that S ^ 3 (Symbian) is the first fully open source version. We believe that all communities Symbian developers will come up with significant improvements in mobile operating system.


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