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Hangouts delete pictures from the gallery on your Android phone and Google account

Hangouts is service messenger al GoogleThat successfully replaces several years old Gtalk.
Putin used in some countries, this private messaging service offered by Google, has quite a few sympathizers. Especially for the function that integrates chat in Gmail and the presence of all smartphones and mobile phones operated system Google Android.

Service is pretty reliable and highly optimized applications Android. Even on iOS, Hangouts is a chat application fast enough to provide users with most of the options offered by other applications, like Facebook Messenger.

A problem for many users Hangouts for Android is Photo gallery storage in mobile phones / smartphones (application Gallery) to photos and Video files sent in PMs. As a solution for backup and fast access a folder dedicated to each phone conversations Gallery is ok ... but some users will stay away from curious eyes and do not want these images sent chatting occur photo gallery on your phone. Specify that these pictures can not be deleted from your phone, be it an Android Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Allview, Huawei or another brand.

How do we delete pictures and folders with images from private messages from Hangouts from the Gallery application

The mobile phone has no fault and so do not have to look through settings or to make changes synchronize your Google account on Android.

1. We access the web address from the computer: and we log in using the same Google account you have logged in and your mobile phone.

2. Hangouts creates online account (Picasa Web Album) A clear Fölser for each chat conversation in which they were sent pictures. Identify these folders in My Photos, Access them, and the toolbar (Actions) conversation can delete folder or selected pictures from inside the folder. Delete this photo.

Hangout chat-Delete Picture

3. Gallery go in and check on your mobile phone Hangouts can also find pictures in gallery.
If you still have not disappeared, it is because a cache of application. We have to go in Android la Settings > General > Application Manager then tab AllWhere we have to identify and application options deschidm Gallery.


Click "Clear Data" and then "Force Stop".

After this step, all the pictures sent or received on Hangouts or disappear from the gallery of the phone.

How to delete messages privately from Hangouts Photos.


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