Sony Xperia Z Review

Sony Xperia Z is a top phone with Android that can compete with Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5or HTC One.

sony-xperia-z-review-front- It has a great design durable glass (not Gorilla GlassBut similar) entirely black, covering the whole surface of Z, With rounded corners and edges of polycarbonate. The shield is 5 inches is a TFT LCD multitouch capacitive touchscreen density PPI de 441 and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (becomes a little less bright than some extreme angles screens).

On the hardware side of Xperia Z We have a quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro la 1,5GHz si 2GB Memory RAM. We also have an internal memory of 16GB Internal storage file with the card slot microSD.

Sony-Xperia-Z-review-back-room-light The back camera of Xperia Z are 13,1 megapixelsAnd the camera front camera has 2,2 megapixels. A New Way "Superior Auto"Your help comes in the picture and will automatically activate special modes such as night, macro, documents, etc. doing a pretty good job and is way easier to use than the recent models Samsung camera.

Connectivity it has a multitude of possibilities pri NFC (You can synchronize the Z other Sony products Auto Connect), DLNA, MHL, Bluetooth 4.0, LTE 4G or HSPA the network 3G +. In addition it also has accelerometer GPS CompassAnd other sensors.

sony-xperia-z-review-usb-port-open If you look at the phone, there are a ton of ports and slots everywhere but are almost invisible waterproof outlets are just hidden. We can say that people from Sony are proud of this phone that is a dust and underwater, so to have a phone that you can take in the shower, get rid of the toilet or take in the pool. Sony says that Xperia Z can stand up to the water meter to 1 30 minutes.

Sony-Xperia-Z-review-hand-in-water Cu Xperia Z, Sony achieved a delicate balance between the change the operating system Google Android 4.2 to make you feel "Sony"But do so discreetly. There are some applications Sony, And the whole interface has a modern, yet easy to use and find important settings and features. Menu applications recently restructured Sony, Which has added a panel that allows you to open small applications that run as in Windows. Need a computer? You can use one at the top of any application or website.

Sony Xperia Z has a battery 2330mAh but it seems to die pretty quickly. Even in standby, it will download quickly enough. Fortunately, there is an application Power Management that allows you to turn off the background tasks and see exactly how long your battery will last on standby. By switching on the way "Stamina"And choosing to let a few access applications in the background, we can increase the standby 6 14 hours and hours a day.

In conclusion Sony Xperia Z phone is slim, strong and powerful.


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