Sony will launch independent lens sensors for smartphones

This is one of the strangest rumors about cameras that I've heard lately. According to sources "top" of the Sony Alpha Rumors, Sony has a project in development with a unique set of lenses that actually contain their own sensors and batteries.

smartphone sony lens The lenses are designed to be attached to a smartphone or tablet with only Wi-Fi interface or NFC, which images will be transferred instantly and live-view that will be provided via the phone screen. Sony Alpha Rumors said lens and sensors are the same as those in RX100 II, this means a very good quality. Prothe blemishes that come to mind immediately, would be the speed of connection / transfer between the phone and the lenses, the battery life, not to mention ergonomics.

It's hard to know how serious this is a rumor that when the concept is so new, but SAR has a decent track record, which means they have more reliable sources telling us this., but until then we'll see!


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