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Sony could give the range of mobile phones

Although it has on the market proled tops such as the range PlayStation and enjoys among users smartphones and highly successful TV company Sony it is not doing very well in terms of the financial part. Late last year, Sony representatives announced that they would focus on launching a small number of devices in 2015, in an attempt to bring the mobile division to profit. The sale of this component of the business is not excluded from the discussion.

According to information provided by Reuters, The Japanese company is interested to sell or to attract a mate for his part in order to develop mobile devices Xperia. This strategy is not unusual considering the turn, prevents, in 2014, Sony has sold its computer V, which brought an annual minus in prothe fit of the company.


Unlike its predecessors, Kaz Hirai he had a western attitude towards business, ever since he came to lead the company. He officially stated that the development proshowers and internal services can be based on a more intense collaboration of internal teams and that the mobile and TV divisions require a new strategy.

According to estimates, breaking records all previous generations of consoles Sony by selling over 10 million units PlayStation 4, the Japanese company expects a hole in the budget toproapproximately $ 1,9 billion.

Sony is preparing next smartphone Xperia Z series, the alleged Z4Which is expected in the mobile World Congress 2015 which will take place in Barcelona. There are rumors that Sony plans to launch this device in double version: one with Full HD display and one with QHD display.


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