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OnePlus One smartphone will have a display of 5.5inch

Are you ready for a new smartphone feature OnePlus One? Earlier releases showed us details about the processor and battery device - Snapdragon 800 and that 3.100mAh - and now we get the first details about the display of the device.
Pete Lau announced that OnePlus One will have an HD display 5.5 inch 1080p and technology is pretty interesting there.


For beginners, Touch-on-Lens technology almost do and touch the display as a single unit, industrial process is responsible for removing the distance between the two components. This causes the display to be with 300% stronger than competing technologies.
The display also implements CABC and DRAM technologies. This new and innovative technology feels when the screen image is dynamic and consumes less power when the image is static, allowing the 5.5inch display to consume less energy than the normal 5inch display with the same brightness.
If all this were not enough, those from OnePlus say they were able to adjust the display of 5.5inch to a chassis that is less than some phones display the 5inch. They used the 1 inch Sony Xperia Z5 as example.

Some people would ask why does not have the QHD display? There is no difference between the QHD display and the 1080 pixel display, unless you inspect it with a microscope. On the other hand, QHD consumes 35-60% more battery, requires more pixels, making it slower and exudes more heat. Going to display the pixels 5.5 1080inch and was the only responsible choice for users.

Believe it or not, is a OnePlus One under that Sony Xperia Z1 with the 5 inch display and which have been said so many nice things.


We will have to wait until this phone comes out on the market and see if this feature is so stunning as it will make us believe it. Anyway, we'll be glad to hear any new information about this smartphone.


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