If you are the owner of a mobile phone cu Android 4.+ And can not send text messages (SMSS) of the network Vodafone Romania, You should know that there are two possible causes. Either you do not have credit enough (cards available for those who prepay or Message center (SMS) is not set correctly. Normally the Vodafone message center number should have been set to automatic, but it seems that most mobile phones that are on Vodafone prepay, set the message center number from subscriptions, and that's why sending text messages (SMS) is impossible.

To set the message center number for Vodafone prepayOn a smartphone Android, you will need to follow a few simple steps.

1. Enter code: * # * # * # * # 4636

After typing the code above, a menu will open from which you will have to select "Phone Information".

Phone Information

2. In the Phone Information, go to the box on the right SMSC and introduce message center number Vodafone prepay SIM card: "+40722006000", 145


*This setting is tested on Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro with Vodafone prepay.

After writing the SMSC number, exit and Restart the phone. After rebooting you should allow sending SMS.

Normally, in the SMSC box should be set to the number 40722004000It is the message center number for Vodafone.

Vodafone message center number: 40722004000
Message center number Vodafone prepay SIM cards: 40722006000 - MESSAGE CENTER SET NUMBER OF SUBSCRIPTIONS AND VODAFONE PrePay ANDROID MOBILE PHONES.



  1. Hello subscribers 0720244333 NO, YES and can not SMS, first raw NEVORBITOR mentioned that I am, I tried on another goal and still does not work, thank you

  2. If you have a Vodafone SIM will need to check that the number msesaje center (SMSC). As you can see in the article
    Vodafone message center number: + 40722004000
    Message center number Vodafone prepay SIM: + 40722006000.
    The article highlights prothe problem with some Android smartphones.
    I hope you can solve it prostated problems.
    Daca prothe problem persists and trying the card in another phone can be a prothe problem in the exchange and you will have to contact a local Vodafone representative to reset the account in the exchange.

  3. Thanks very much for the information, I thought I will not ever receive sms, but I found you very well explained and works perfectly

  4. We Vodafone and Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.Nu send SMS imoticoane in the content, device IMD turning them in MMS and refusing trimiterea.Ce can I do? Thanks in advance!

  5. I have an asus zenfone laser 550kl and I tried exactly what appears here, but when I put the number in the space for "SMSC" and give "Update", it writes in my box. "Update error". Specific c? I wrote everything correctly.

  6. Enter the SMS application (not the phone settings)> SMS Settings> Message Center> change it to +40722006000 instead of the old one.

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