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SecuTablet a new tablet from BlackBerry, resulting from the partnership with Samsung and IBM

BlackBerry has launched a new tablet. This is not another PlayBookIts only tablet launched until now, but about SecuTablet. This is the result of a partnership with the Canadian company Samsung si IBMBeing for companies that put great emphasis on data security. Although hardware brings nothing really new, the device is simply a Galaxy Tab S 10.5The chapter software, BlackBerry has integrated its own security software for important information, made by its new division Secusmart, With software developed by IBM.


The first hint that demonstrates that SecuTablet not just for regular users is price prohibitive. In 2.380 dollars, this tablet can be the most expensive tablet that Samsung produced it so far. Superficially, the difference in cost between a Galaxy Tab S common and SecuTablet is software preinstalled by BlackBerry. The data is encrypted and access to them can be achieved either through Voice print user or by a device called the owner Secusmart Security Card.

Of course tablet still offers the same functionality common, along with advanced security capabilities. All normal applications Android be installed, and those who use them do not have to worry. It runs in a separate sandbox, which does not affect the protected data. This is possible thanks to a software developed by IBMWhich differentiates their personal applications and information important ones. Such functions are clearly oriented corporate environment where leaks could have negative effects for companies.

After this announcement we can see in which direction goes further Canadian company. Despite the fact that SecuTablet is produced by Samsung and not running BlackBerry OSIt is still a device that only a company with so much experience and tradition in the corporate environment as well BlackBerry it could be done. It remains to be seen if the rest of his devices of this kind in the future will be produced in partnership with Samsung si IBMAlong with other partners, or if he will return to the domestic production of hardware.


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