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It is rumored that Motorola X is not just a phone but a new range of smartphones

About the mysterious smartphone Motorola X there are a number of rumors. But what are the latest rumors about it?

Well, it is possible that the code name for one is not smart, but rather a range of several smartphones. It is also rumored that Google plans to search for another production line and it is possible to introduce a line of smartphones Motorola X, But it may be also possible and Samsung Galaxy or lines of LG Optimus. This line of products Motorola not only can be unified, but also guarantee, best customer support. For example, the first call from the line "X","will guarantee at least a "full version Android" updated your purchase"Will and handled directly by Google Motorola.

But the news does not stop there! Rumors also say that this new line "X"Phones will be sold in a"online store unknown"- But almost certainly indicate that will be sold by Play Store customer, will be how they will be sold at subsidized prices as Nexus 4In order to get interest from consumers. And finally, the device (s) will be fully customizable mysterious, allowing color selection device RAM and the internal storage will be completely configurable.

Again, these things are pure rumors and speculation, but we still can not know which is the potential direction in which Motorola be taken.

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