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Get rid of OpenFeint on your Android phone

How many times have you happened to install a game interesting Android Market and be greeted by the screen OpenFeint? Obviously this is stressful not only for yourself, but for many other users AndroidWho often give up certain games they intended to play just to get rid of OpenFeint.

OpenFeint screen

Well, no longer necessary to give up certain games market, because one of those irritated by OpenFeint created a application which display block that screen, thus and reducing game lag partner with OpenFeint.


The application which you can get rid of OpenFeint is called closeFeint and it is a apply freeThat works (ie his job to block OpenFeint) only Android rootphones.


The bad news about this application is that disables any settings made AdBlockerIe, where use Links tool which blocks displaying ads of free applications, closeFeint tool will disable these sites and ads will be displayed again.

CloseFeint download via Android Market.

Note: The application was tested on CM7, but reported to work on other Android ROMs. Test your own risk!


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