Samsung launches Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet in Romania 3 Kids

Samsung tablet launched in Romania Samsung Kids 3 Galaxy Tab, a tablet designed specifically for children and parents that allows them to control information accessed by children. It is available in bright colorsAnd simple functions touch si Swipe, as well as funny characters are designed to make children experience one beautiful and easy.


Tablet Galaxy Tab 3 Kids offers children until 7 years both a educational content, And one for entertainment via preinstalled applications (Kids Planet Discovery, Where's My Perry?, Fruit Ninja), But also through resource hub Kids Store. For launch in Romania, Samsung has made a partnership with developers EduTeca collection, Releasing them special dedicated applications such as Secret fanica and Veg (With ajutorulcareia children can learn many important things about 26 vegetable) Fanica and assault Microbes or Pete and Noah's Ark.

In addition, using parental control Parents can ensure that children will not have access to websites inappropriate and will not accidentally loaded the bill with acquisitions on Google Play. They also can set a specific period of use of the tablet by children through function time Management (When the set time ends, the tablet was blocked, this can be unlocked by parents with a passwords).


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids It has the same hardware specs with a standard tablet Galaxy Tab 3 (Screen 7 inches, procesor dual-core de 1.2 GHz, 1 GB RAMBoard of 3 megapixels) And comes bundled with the operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Note: The tablet can be used by adults or adolescents through a Standard Android. It is available in specialty stores at prices starting from £ 950.


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