Samsung Gear Smartwatch S2 - The new watch from Samsung

After being tested at the event Unpacked 2015From mid-August, Samsung prepares to launch the new smart Gear S2 Smartwatch.

The new SmartWatch S2 gear, which Samsung has announced a official launch date nor prices for these watchesWill not be compatible than for holders of a Samsung smartphone. Most likely the minimum requirements "system" will be newer phones Samsung Galaxy S2.


Regarding clock Gear S2We can say first that it is "led" by its own operating system (Tizen-OS), Of course compatible with Androidon the Samsung smartphones. The clock screen has a round circumference of 1.2-inchAnd resolution 360 360 pixels x. The screen is surrounded by a rotating ring which is likely to have functions similar to watches digital Crown from Apple Watch. Charging the phone battery will not be done by wire but through docking a device / medium fast loading.

The clock Gear S2 It will be available in three colors, the design / architecture remaining almost unchanged in the three models. Variants will be available in dark gray with white or silver bracelet, black bracelet silver or black, and the third model, Gear S2 3GWill be more business to speak. Black with black leather bracelet.


For the Gear S2 3G, Samsung has also made some improvements over the other two classic models. Gear S2 3G It has slot YESWhich means you can make and receive calls SmartWatchWithout the need for mobile phone.

A feature that might concern them those determined to buy a S2 Gear is its own operating system. Tizen-OS is developed by independent developers and so there are many applications for this watch. Of course, applications Android SmartWatch will not be compatible Samsung Gear S2.

Samsung Gear Smartwatch S2 - The new watch from Samsung - detergents, technical specs and News.


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