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IPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 6: conflict on the face of the mobile giants

As expected, the large Korean company Samsung said Sunday evening war against the only real rival, AppleDuring the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S6Which has 5,1 inch screen and support Android 5.0. Samsung representatives initially insisted that their new smartphone "Does not bend", of course to the alleged defect of iPhone 6, although, honestly, it is not known if and how many iPhone phones were deformate or bent! Then they compared photos and videos on the same topic: parallel 6 iPhone Plus with the new Samsung Galaxy 6, proin which the Korean smartphone stood out as the net winner.

(IPhone 6)

IPhone 6 Updated Main Image

(Samsung Galaxy S6)


Of course, they didn't forget to remind us that the iPhone 6 charges quite hard. Here they are right! The battery of the iPhone 6 needs a long time to receive its energy dose, while the Galaxy S6 would charge twice as fast. And as the war between the two empires of technology is not a tacit one, here that Samsung does not forgive this "deficiency" of the iPhone 6!

"Samsung Galaxy S6 looks like the iPhone and the iPhone 4 6 HAD a baby"! A statement of the malicious from Gizmodo, a large international tech site. Despite all the malicious claims, Samsung has solved one of its weaknesses in previous Galaxy editions: design and quality mateintegral realities. Everyone praises the new look of the Samsung Galaxy S6, including major telecommunications networks as well Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone: Metal housing with rounded edges, dressed in a medium glass Gorilla, This represents an enormous step towards fairly inexpensive polycarbonate cover that was trying to imitate the skin Samsung S5.

Here are the features of the new Samsung Galaxy S6, presented by the head of the great Korean company! Initially he talked about the display, procesor, mobile payment, safety in business use and wireless charging. Therefore:

  • display

With 0,4 6 inches bigger than the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S6 has net technical characteristics better than this. Quad HD resolution (2560 1440 ×) versus 1334 750 × - × 6 1920 and 1080 iPhone - iPhone 6 Plus. The density of pixels, Galaxy S6 lags far better: 577ppi versus 306ppi 401 and the latest models of iPhone.

  • Procesorul

Exynos, Octacore is developed in house by Samsung and hardware specialists say they already white hairs out by the American performance Qualcomm with their Snapdragon 810. It is 20% more efficient than procesorul Notes 4.

  • Cameras

The rear camera has 16 megapixels and the front 5 megapixels. It opens in 0,7 seconds with a double click on the screen with automatic shooting, autofocus on the moving subject, optical stabilization. If Samsung officials did not mislead us with the photo / video samples presented at launch, we may have the best camera on a smartphone at the moment.

  • Wireless Charging

Ikea presented to MWC 2015 furnishings with wireless chargers for smartphones and tablets. Power wireless is a trend in 2015. The phone charges faster than cable and the time will come when we will find wireless chargers in many public places.

  • Samsung Pay

Even though many of us do not enjoy, payment will expand smartphone. The new Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with Samsung Pay, an application that accepts both Mastercard and Visa cards. excluding NFC (Trader and he must have a compatible POS to receive payment smartphone) S6 Galaxy comes with technology Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST), accepted by regular POS. So, Samsung announces Samsung Pay, an innovative mobile payment service.

One thing worth noting is that the Samsung Galaxy S6, with option Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 Launched simultaneously, it is the best smartphone that prothe Asian leader has manufactured it so far. He also made colossal efforts on the design side and on the hardware side which he took to the superlative, to the best and coolest on the mobile phone market.

Here fans Android and the iOS they aroused again a "technological conflict" difficult to control!

Samsung Galaxy S6 will arrive in stores in 20 countries in April, in 32/64 / 128GB GB variants. The price and the launch in Romania have not been communicated yet. A single information about us, somewhat subtle, has been slipped into the presentation folder: “Deutsche Telekom will be available 12 these devices in all European countries in which it operates."So, including at Telekom Romania!


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