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Samsung Galaxy S5 could have a full metal body?

Samsung Galaxy S4 pilot is the last ship of the company, but there were already rumors Galaxy S5 the South Korean company. This demonstrates, once again, as soon as you buy a new electronic product already out-of-date.

Samsung_Galaxy_S5_right Android Geeks, Samsung is going to change the design. Despite its models Galaxy S are best sold devices Android on the planet - S4 sold 40 million units just a month after arriving on the shelves - Samsung may be able to approach an even bigger corner of the market if they are looking to create a batch of smartphones built with top quality materials.

What it means? The next generation of mobile Galaxy may have a more expensive metal body, helping the appearance reflect the quality of its components. Despite the sermons we all heard since we were kids, everyone judge a book by its cover. A change in this regard which could even help lure the company to capture more clients Apple.

samsung-galaxy-s5There are still problems with a metal body, and the higher the cost. Where Samsung would make this move, we could see a price increase S5. In addition, the phone comes metal unibody construction, which means the battery is no longer removable. We have already seen HTC One, that number of sales that fade in emblematic comparison Samsung.

What do you think? Should do Samsung switching to a metal body, or you prefer a stick to plastic housing that we used over time?


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