Samsung Galaxy S III - Images and Specifications

Images designCPC and specifications which all began appearing on the internet last days, makes us believe that release date new Samsung Galxy S3 is aprowater.


From what it seems, Samsung Galaxy S 3 comes equipped with a screen 4.7 inch Super AMOLED Plus HD si resolution 720p. The camera will be much more developed than the Samsung Galaxy S2. Allows to capture 12 MP camera and video 1080p HD FPS 60.
At the side of processor se storage, Samsung Galaxy S3 will be a real monster. The device will be propulsed by a procesor quad core Exynos of 1.5 GHz. The installed memory of 1 GB RAM and the internal storage space of 64 GB, makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 the undisputed leader in terms of performance.

If these specifications (which are currently at the rumor) are true, you will assist in the supremacy 2012 Samsung smartphones market.


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