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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Specifications, Features, Prices and Release Date

As the Apple hurries the development of the new iOS 9 operating system and the launch of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung not to be outdone and announces the next week's launch of the new phablet, Galaxy Note 5.

After which Galaxy Note 4 It was a success, recognized for design with aluminum trim as well as memory, procesor and quality room (In Chapter pictures experianta can tell from that far exceeds 4 Notes iPhone 6), Samsung announces the launch of the new one Galaxy Note 5.

On parcurusul elms months appeared more and more photos "Escaped" with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, but only recently have images started to appear that seem to be veryprowaters of how the Note 5 will look on the release date.
Samsung announced these days proscheduling an event on August 13The event is expected to disclose all Characteristics si official presentation a Galaxy Note 5. Until the moment we only know that Notes 5 will keep your line design a Galaxy S6. A framework aluminum cu on the back glass. It is not known if Samsung is not preparing a surprise proservings. Launch of Note 5 in the normal version and in the Edge version (with curved screen edgesSimilar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Edge S6).

Images of Samsung Galaxy Note 5


box_galaxy_note_5 prosamsung-galaxy-to-note5

As you can see in the last picture above, 5 Notes will undergo some design changes compared to the Notes 4. Slot S-Pen (Stylus) will be slightly modified, making it easier detachment and finizasul aluminum exterior is more finished than Note4.

Technical Specifications Galaxy Note 5

The most probabil Galaxy Note 5 will have a built-in chipset Exynos 7422 All-In-One, which will combine into a single element CPU (procesorul) RAM (Memory) But by the full GPU acceleration tech (graphics memory) yes storageURL (storage space). Displaywill be 5.4 inch / 5.5 inch Super AMOLED (dual-edge), ensuring excellent brightness and vivid colors, being able to play video files at 4K resolution. All this will be supported by a new type of battery with a power of 4,100 mAh.

Prices for Galaxy Note 5

There are rumors that the 32GB version of the Galaxy Note 5 will start at 850 euros, and for the Galaxy Note 5 Edge version from 1000 euros, but surely mobile operators will offer the devices at a much lower price in exchange of subscriptions.


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