Samsung launched the first Tizen phone, Z1

The first phone that uses Tizen software platform has finally become reality. The new device Z1Which was introduced last summer, is, unfortunately, a product just as attractive as the old Z model, Which is a lower series phone, which is currently only selling point India.

Tizen platform, operating system for mobile terminals, the tablets of Smart TV cameras and has origins as previous efforts LiMo, Samsung Linux Platform si Moblin. Tizen was born in 2011, when Intel dropped the development MeeGo platform and left the people at Nokia to handle it alone, since cooperation with South Korean company Samsung. The software platform was implemented, until last year, only the Smart watches and some Samsung Camera and it looks like Smart TV platform will become one of South Koreans just this year. Phones and tablets missing portfolio.

Tizen reference design at Mobile World Congress 2014

Samsung Z1 provides a display diagonal 4 "resolution being 800 480 pixel × PLS panel. Modest hardware platform has the same character, the new Samsung device integrating a dual-core processor with a frequency of GHz 1,2, 768 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal memory expandable with a MicroSD card and a battery that has a capacity of 1500 mAh. The terminal weighs grams and dimensions 112 120,4 63,2 mm × × 9,7.

Other specs of the phone are equally modest, Samsung Z1 holding two cameras with sensors 3,1 and 0,3 MP, Bluetooth 4.1GPS, Wi-Fi interfaces 802.11 b / g / n and a model Dual SIM 3G. Tizen platform used is Tizen 2.3, Which can be added various software modules known as Ultra Power Saving Mode or private ModeA consistent media content and a antivirus. Applications Android will be installed, consumers not having to wait for the launch of native products in the store dedicated applications.


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